You’ve put a lot of work into your writing. You’re proud of the  results, and you’re ready to send your manuscript out into the publishing world. You put your work into an envelope, eager to send it to a publisher.

 But wait! Is your work truly ready? Yes, you’ve gone over every word countless times, but might there be things you’ve overlooked? For example, could there be a typo you missed? Did the spellchecker catch all misspelled words? Are all your tenses consistent? Is your dialogue believable? Did you change the name of a character in the second half of the manuscript and forget to change it in the first half?

 Fear not! Help is at hand. Let me ease your worries, boost your self-confidence and increase your marketability. I’m a born editor. I’m great at spotting typos , spelling errors and confusing syntax.  I’ll polish your prose while retaining your own unique voice.  I’ve had years of experience, editing books, articles, academic courses and web content. Whether you already have a publisher or want to self-publish, let me make your words shine.

 I’d be happy to give your work that extra going-over. You need another pair of eyes to scrutinize your manuscript for elements such as misused terms, spelling errors, and grammar or punctuation slip-ups.

 Contact me for fine tuning that will keep your style intact and make your words shine. My  sharp-eyed editing just may be the extra boost you need to make that positive first impression and increase your confidence as you send your manuscript to a publisher.

 In addition, if you’re having trouble writing down your thoughts, let me help you put your ideas into words.

 I also transcribe the spoken word. If you dictated your novel and want it in written form, or if you’re an academic who wants interviews and lectures transcribed, I can do that as well, either verbatim or carefully edited to remove redundancy while retaining essential content.